Hello everyone!

It’s been a long while since my last post. It’s been a very challenging past couple of years for me.

I got mired in a bad business deal with some folks I thought I could trust. The penalty was a very steep learning curve, costing me a few years of being in a debt pit about twenty thousand deep. Well, I’m climbing out of that pit a dollar at a time and I’m nearly free.

On top of all of that… was work, where I had to deal with (putting it nicely) a very challenging boss. I heard it said once that boss is double S.O.B. spelt backwards. Hah!

The good news is that all that is behind me for the most part.

I have relocated to Portland in the great Northwest which is a new frontier for me. A new exciting location, a new wonderful job, and a fresh new situation. I am happy to say that things are stabilizing quite well.

So now, it’s all a matter of time before I can put my plans into action.

Recently, I’ve explored a few new places which I will eventually share here with all of you. There was a family reunion in Armenia (of all places) and an epic Eastern Europe trip to talk about!

As always, we’ll use code names for the people involved to protect identities. Especially these days when the Net seems nastier and scarier. Hopefully, we can add a ray of sunshine to our corner of cyberspace.

Speaking of identity protection, I’ve chosen to adopt a pseudonym. For those who know me in real life, please start referring to me by my pen name, Sean Chase, while we’re on here. Or if you prefer simplicity: the Summer Chaser. =)

I appreciate it.

Now, the next order of business… Updating my list of places explored!

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for liking my Face Book page. Now that I have more time, I shall practice my writing by sharing my stories, tips, adventures and experiences. Stay tuned for more!