Having seen so little of the world than I had originally thought, I needed to revise my list. Voila! Now let me present to you, my Bucket List:

To join in the running of the bulls in Spain

To have tea and smoke a pipe in London, England

To have frog legs a fancy restaurant in Paris, France

To learn and train in Muay Thai in Thailand

To have a drink with a couple of German sisters

To ride an elephant in India

To pray on top of a mountain in Jerusalem, Israel

To get a lovely Irish redhead drunk

To bungee jump in New Zealand

To throw a boomerang and catch it on top of Ayer’s Rock in Australia

To fish in the canals of Venice, Italy

To go on a Safari in South Africa

To spend the day on a secluded island

To learn how I can hold 9 mugs of beer all at once during Oktoberfest

To see how far I can walk on the Great Wall of China

To bring home a piece of a pyramid from Egypt

To taste some açaí on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

To punch NWA in the face while at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy

To go to Houston and have a problem

      • So, funny anecdote: NWA and I were in Houston taking a connecting flight back to California when we realized that we haven’t made arrangements for someone to pick us up yet. He got on his phone and called up a friend and said “Hey, uhhh… We’re in Houston, we have a problem…

To solve a Rubik’s cube

      • Hint: There’s a formula you must follow.

To have a formal dinner with wine on a moving train in Napa

      • The Napa Valley Wine Train is my favorite locomotive restaurant. Great food, awesome sights, and a wonderful atmosphere make it an amazing experience.

To jog or cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

      • It looked a lot easier on paper than it was to actually jog across this iconic bridge.

To swim naked in the campus pool at night in Los Baños, Philippines

      • I’d been wanting to do this since my very first day in college. There’s nothing like the cool waters under the moon on a tropical night while evading from the campus security guards.

To throw something from the top of the Empire State building in New York

      • It was a penny. I hope it didn’t land on anyone’s head. If it did, then I gave them a penny for their thoughts… (Yeah, I know. I couldn’t resist…)

To drive across the USA

      • Five days and miles and miles of nothing but country.

To have sushi in Japan

      • I wonder why they looked at me strangely when I asked for a California roll… I should’ve taken that opportunity to practice my Japanese: “Hajimemashite! Menu o misete kudasai.”

To climb to the top of a mountain on some island in the Pacific Ocean

      • Mt. Makiling, Peak 2. That was one cold night… and the firewood was too wet to catch fire. Anyone who knows me knows how I react to the cold weather. One heck of an experience though.

To save someone’s life

      • You are most welcome Val. Anyone would have done the same if they had been there instead.