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My little brother paid me a surprise visit today (okay so he’s not so little, but he’ll always be Lil’ Bro to me, haha.)  I had to prepare something especially good.

Now, being a bachelor, one of the best side effects this kind of lifestyle has brought out in me is having to learn to cook for myself. In situations like this, I turn to Runnyrunny999 whom I can always rely on for good ideas.

Lil’ Bro, today we’re eating Japanese Hamburg Steak!

It is not really complicated to make and fortunately, I have all the ingredients available. Less than an hour in the kitchen, and voila! We feast!

Hamburg Steak

Savory Japanese Hamburg Steak pan fried with olive oil and topped with home made gravy sauce, garnished with butter sauteed carrots and boiled garlic broccoli.

Special thanks to Runnyrunny999 for making me look like a pro to my Lil’ Bro!