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Guacamole Lettuce Wrap with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Starving but want something healthy? Try these! Fresh, organic guacamole with some mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes.

So I’ve been losing weight pretty steadily. It’s just been a matter of focusing on two simple things.

1) Spend more calories than you take in.

2) Take in less calories than you spend.

For the most part, I’ve simply stuck to eating organic, healthy fruits and vegetables during the week and combining it with light exercise. During the weekends, I either visit a good restaurant or I have a little bit of meat and sweets to satisfy my sweet tooth.

One of my favorite dishes these days is the Guacamole Lettuce Wrap with some sun dried tomatoes.

It’s pretty easy to prepare. You’ll need:

2 Avocadoes
Some lime juice
Some salt and pepper
Some chipotle chili powder
Some minced garlic
Some chopped up red, green, and yellow peppers
Some chopped up onions
2-4 Lettuce Leaves
A handful of white mushrooms
Some sun dried tomatoes

Now then, I mash up the avocadoes and mix in the ingredients, except for the mushrooms and onions which I caramelize on a frying pan.

After caramelization, I toss them in with the guacamole and spread thickly on the lettuce leaves.

Voila! The perfect summer dish! Simple, easy, and done in minutes. Enjoy your meal!